Our Company

JAHZKITCHEN is a small family owned home based business. Operating out of Kitchener, Ontario Canada two websites (shop.jahzkitchen.com & jahzkitchen.com) to deliver both Recipes and Products that will Make Your Belly Smile ;)

It's really just about a Love for Food and Sharing that with Family & Friends, Neighbors, Co-workers and whoever else we can.

We are just starting out as a new company and so our procedural handling and logistics are very small. We believe that we will grow and move over to manufacturing and supplying everyone with our Products. In order to do this, you have to start somewhere right? 

We are very excited to share and get our products out to be enjoyed. If you're looking for Meals that will have your Family & Friends or whoever else you cook for asking for the recipe or asking for you to make that dish again. Pick up a JAH Product and check out the various recipes we have for it on our food blog. Happy Cooking!


JAH Products

Our Canadian made products are hand blended, inspected, and packaged on site. All products are weighed out to 200 g and sealed in matte black aluminum foil stand up airtight zipper pouches smell and leak proof.

All of our Products are made in small batches and sold, before making a new batch. This ensures the freshest possible package date but also means we might go out of stock at times.

This is a necessary trade-off to ensure that we can grow and handle new logistics while at the same time focusing on each and every customer, ensuring everything goes smoothly from start to finish.

We are always working on customized blends, sending them out for testing, reworking the ingredients and ratios. Until the product delivers on that AH!. Then it is added to our list of JAH Products. So be sure to check back, your next favorite JAH Product could be listed.



This is our Online Store and allows us to share JAH Products across both websites with you. 



This is our Food Blog website where we share tons of new and unique recipes as well as recipes specifically for JAH Products. 


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